What furniture can I fit on my deck?

you can fit a 2 seater cube set on this deck

One of the biggest questions we are asked is what size deck is required for basic decking furniture? Its important to plan what you will be using the deck for, do you need a dining table and chairs? Or more relaxed seating such as pod chairs? You might even decide to include a hot tub in the design. 

Here are some images with the deck furniture size and the deck size so you can see the space needed. 

pod dining chairs on grey decking by the river in nidderdale

2 seater cube set

This deck only projects 1850mm and the projection down the side of the van is 1700mm but you can see that there is ample room to use the cube set in a number of formats

double pod chair fits well on a 1.8 metre wide deck

Double pod chair

This deck projects 1850mm and still is wide enough for a double seater char. The pod chair is 1700mm and its good to have some space on either side so that if the wind picks up the chair wont bang against the caravan wall or balustrade. 

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