Storage ideas for Static Caravans

Owners of static caravans are all too familiar with the problems of storage. This can be especially hard when it comes to the outside space. Chairs, BBQ, lawnmower, logs and tools are just a few of the essential items that people store in outside boxes. 

One solution here is to use the space under any decking you have, this also avoids having anything flammable directly under the caravan. The decking ideally requires a plinth to hide the items under the deck, provide a removable section on their caravan plinths. 

The storage boxes used here are the Strata Heavy Duty 75 Litre Storage Container Box with Wheels, Black, 77x 42x 40 cm 75L which we purchased on Amazon. 

These boxes are weather proof, easy to clean and even have a padlock hole to keep the contents secure.

Pull out storage boxes under static caravan deck
Storage boxes under caravan decking

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